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Arc Of Life – S/T

(Frontiers Records – 2021)

Arc Of Life  USE.jpg

Wow there is so much going on musically with this band that it's hard to keep up with and this is only the debut album.


They are a Prog Rock Supergroup so to speak whose line-up features three members of Yes in Jon Davison (Vocals), Billy Sheerwood (Bass/Vocals), Jay Schellen (Drums) plus former member Jimmy Haun (Guitars) and Dave Kerzner (Keyboards) of Sound Of Contact.


'Life Has A Way' is a bizarre opener where they have even thrown in Jamaican steel drums and you really have to get your head around the off-beat time signatures – but that's the way of prog right? There's the tongue in cheek 'Talking With Siri' – scuse the pun. They are quite bizarre at times and rather off centre but moving forward all the same in a confusing kind of way.


They use a lot of strange echo effects on their vocals and create a cavernous drum sound too which is put to good use on 'The Magic Of It All' and 'Just In Sight' really grabs you with its melody especially in the chorus section with 'There For We Are' firing up some really effective short quick vocal stabs with and instrumental sections somersaulting all over which blows my mind how they remember how to play some of this stuff when it comes to doing shows again.


The acoustic version of 'You Make It Real' is an absolute jewel and a half – I'd love to hear the rest of the album in this format too maybe as part of a deluxe edition with live tracks and demos later in the year. Yes & Prog Rock fans will adore this album that also hold some more conventional moments at times to keep the general rock fan interested too.


Check this out!



By Glenn Milligan

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