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Catalina Shortwave – Wax Ex-Static (E.P.)

(S/R – 2016)



New England based quintet who are totally DIY with members who have been at it as early as the 70’s in disco bands and also more recent thrash outfits – whatever pays the bills right?


Anyway, my tabs latched hold of their sound that is like The Who (Entwistle like Bass from Roy Scaturo and Drums a la Keith Moon from John Garvey especially on ‘The Devil You Know’) meets a vocal sound from David Rizzo not dissimilar to Arthur Brown & Captain Beefheart.  Oh and the guitar work comes courtesy of Keith Morey & Marty Stauffer.


Other fanciable tracks include gutsy opener ‘Light You Up’ or the rollicking closer that is ‘Jennifer’s Paradise’ – those bass runs are mindblowing when they come in as part of the chorus.






By Glenn Milligan

Catalina Shortwave, Wax Ex-static, E.P. New England, Roy Scaturo, John Garvey, David Rizzo, Keith Morey, Marty Stauffer, Rock
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