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Dreamwalkers Inc – First Re-Draft

(Layered Reality Productions – 2019)


Symphonic heaviness is what's in store on here that reminds me of acts like System Of A Down & Tool at various points as it's full of different time-changes and unpredictable arrangements.


Dreamwalkers Inc come from Amersfoort which is to be found in the province of Utrecht in the Netherlands in case you were wondering. There is so much in this album, so you simply cannot say it is this or it is that since it continually genre-hops throughout with good examples being the opening 'Endless' or the instantly following 'Mourning After'.


This band has kind of created a style all of its own almost that has plenty of pounding drum work, gargantuous helpings of guitar, superb splatterings of keyboards and masses of choral choir vocals placed in where appropriate too.


Being both interesting and unnerving in parallel procession seems the name of the game here with bombastic ferocious interludes that take you on a sinister journey into the musical unknown. You'll also come across duetted vocal performances (such as in 'Your Room') that are exquisitely delivered too and much more. Then there's the closing 'Your Loss' that has an almost Industrial meets Nordic battle feel at times and majestic orchestral and slamming vibe to it.





By Glenn Milligan

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