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Folk Healer – S/T

(S/R - 2020)

Folk HealerUSE.jpg

An album I have waited a while to get my hands to say the least and I was rather impressed when I played it too which was recorded at Electric Angel Studios in Saint Petersberg, Florida, USA.


It's very much Old-School Heavy Metal of the mid 80's style with Bruce Dickinson like vocals from Dan Pocengal with the line-up completed by Guitarist, Johnnie Kaylor and Brother of Ron Thal, Jeff on Drums with Eddie Rey on Bass. In fact, it was mastered by the legendary Flemming Rasmussen who gave us the sounds of such musical heroes like Metallica, Rainbow & The Pretty Maids.


The sound production is second to none with standouts including 'Angel' with its glorious backing vocals; the echoey proggish ' Strange Rain' and the bluesy 'Starlight'. Then there's the knockout version of Bowie's 'The Jean Genie' where Dan sounds just like David. Or what about the closing magnificent ballad entitled 'Paradise' that sees it come to a musical conclusion really well. Pipe up this album which is well worth blowing a tweeter or two with.


An elegant Metal release indeed.



By Glenn Milligan

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