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Gabriel Sanchez – Immortal By Sound

(S/R – 2016)

Gabriel Sanchez - Immortal By Sound USE.

A marvellous well-established dude on the Milwaukee, Wisconsin scene that as his bio states took over ten years to complete.


It's rock, it's metal, it's blues, it's orchestral balladeering and more on this fine album that I have found myself playing several times because it's so, so good. It's his own creation outside The Prince Experience that he fronts so no wonder it took so long to come into fruition with a variety of folk taking part in its recording.


There are loads of brilliant highlights on here like the opening powerhouse of a title-track 'Immortal By Sound'; the gorgeous 'Love That's In Your Eyes'; the pounding full-on 'Sex & Shame' and the deep Southness of the harp-filled 'Backwoods' – they are a small taster on this exceptional album.


Love it!



By Glenn Milligan

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