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Geoff Carne And The Raw Rox Band – Big Town

(Advision UK – 2020)

Geoff Carne and the Raw Rox band - Big T

A bluesy, soulful rocker dude originally from South Manchester before spending a lot of his youth years in Carlisle doing the Cumbrian circuit before moving to London in 1987 and the rest being history so to speak.... Mr. Carne is alongside West London Cat, Mick Hatz on drums (plus the Raw Rox band from North London) who stomp it up with a great album filled with cracking fresh songs that are also retro-sounding at the same time!


Highlights include the opening 'Are You Ready?' that gives an insight of the classiness that we are being invited into; the excellent 'She's On Fire' with that pounding, dirty 'n' rounding gutsy riff; the CCR like cut called 'A Heartache' that I can imagine John Fogerty cranking out as well as the grooving 'Good Man Down'.


Then there's the top-notch poppish-rock blues of 'Are You Strong Enough?' and the outstanding gospel inspired cut called 'Free' that closes the album with the lovely organ solo in there! I can't help but really like this album as it ticks a good few boxes.


I must get my hands on the previous releases if this is anything to go on – I urge you all to as well!



By Glenn Milligan

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