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Gin Annie – 100% Proof

(Off Yer Rocka Recordings / Cargo Records – 2019)

Gin Annie - 100% Proof use.jpg

Now these guys from Wolverhampton are a band that blew us away at Rock & Blues Custom Show in Pentrich last year, not to mention having others see the light too on their own shows later in 2019.


Imagine a cross between Def Leppard (without vocal effects) with the quality of White Lion at their finest with songs that are packed to the gills with beautiful melody, tasty harmonies and riffs that flow like either honey and silk or grit 'n' grease. A release where every single song is an absolute winner in one way or another.


Gin Annie were formed by two cousins, David Foster (Vocals) & Byron 'Beej' Garbett (Guitars) who brought in Brian Green (Guitars); Phil 'Hammer' Burrows (Bass) & Jack Ryland-Smith (Drums) who was later replaced by Carlos Marin in January 2020.


From the opener, 'Love Ain't Here' you know are listening to a game-changer of an album with other cracking cuts including the excellent changing up and down in tempo rocker 'Next 2 Me'; the brutally honest 'Dead & Gone'; the everything in your faceness of 'Damage' which so much reminds me of Mike Tramp in the larynx department.


Then there's the brutally riffed obsessive love song entitled 'Fallin' that many of us can identify with that has this amazing deep but sweet grinding arrangement to it with a lot of depth or the sad power ballad that is 'Haunt Me'. Believe me, this band ticks all the right boxes.


Easily one of the best debuts I have ever heard!



By Glenn Milligan

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