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Montreal Blue - Let's Just Drive

(S/R – 2017)

Not actually from Canada, in case you happen to be thrown by the name, Montreal Blue, a Utah-based foursome have been active for a decade, dusting down the material that makes their debut album.


Mixing alternative, prog and psychedelic with a metal edge is a not unfamiliar experiment by degrees but not unwelcome in the slightest. Robust guitar work by Richard Smith and Matthew Vandeveer that moves their rifle up and down along the rhythms and sends scores of loud barrages with songs like 'All That I Am', 'Come To Your Senses', 'Tally Ho', 'The Disappointment', 'Falling Star', 'Don't Look Down', 'Roll With The Punches' and 'Out Of Nowhere'.


With songs lasting on average of 5-7 minutes, it's Richard's Cobain-meets-Rossdale creen and sweet but crisp choruses that shift each one by without letting a lot of interest turn. The folky, Manics -like sway of 'The Disappointment' and the epic, metal-like march of 'My Ghost' account for the highlights in this hard-hitting first from these feisty young songsmiths.


Slick and devoid of nonsense this is a nice start to a catalogue I hope Montreal Blue will continue to expand on from here.. although preferably not once few every years (lol).




By Dave Attrill

RECOMMEND IF YOU LIKE: Nickelback, Coheed and Cambria & Nirvana.

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