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Prophets Of Addiction – Nothing But The Truth

(S/R – 2019)

Nothing But The Truth USE.jpg

The latest addition to the P.O.A. Catalogue is this 10 track release of acoustic grandeur that features Glenn Gilbert on guitar that is at times very much about the life then and now of Lesli Sanders in and out of Hollywood in both the band and good times.


Very much a looking back at the past and seeing the present and way forward as well would be a good way to sum up the offerings found on here. It's a real delightful album as well with cuts like the opening 'American Dream'; the haunting 'Babylon Boulevard' or the happy and upbeat 'The Last Of The Words' that is built on sarcasm and the streets of Hollywood.


Or what about bluesy countriness of 'Hollywood' itself that Lesli has been through hell in; the memories of regret found in 'Atmosphere'; the bittersweet full of strings 'Heart Of Mine' or the dramatic touching, closer that is 'Return The Smile' that's either a love song or an ode to his parents for being there for him.


An album that really draws you in and has you asking what each part of each lyric could mean as it isn't spelt out to you literally. Massive kudos to Phil Soussan for a grand job of mixing and engineering this magnificent acoustic masterpiece. A real indication of what to expect live from Prophets of Addiction if you happen to catch them live during an unplugged moment.


Here's to another outing of this nature if this is anything to go by. You will be spinning this album several times since it's very addictive to the ears.



By Glenn Milligan

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