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Radio Haze – Mountains

(Slash Zero Records - 2018)


From Abensberg, Germany, this trio sound like a quirky rock and blues based version of The Waterboys & The Levellers or someone of that ilk who also have they also have a folky like almost Welsh folk vocals and plenty of psychedelic vibes too.


Cool sounds are to be found here since we are entertained by sounds that perfectly greet the ears like the opening bluesy-riffery gone stoner of 'Have Mercy on Me'; the delta-fuzz of 'Chasing Gaslights' or 'Into The Ether' that has a sinister early Quo-like appeal to it with its late 60's synth and attractrive rhythm and lead guitar-work that also gets a bit Gong/Soft Machine on us too with some cute sax playing.


I can dig this.



By Glenn Milligan

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