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Robert Jon & The Wreck – Last Light On The Highway

(S/R – 2020)


This is one of those bands that blows you away with every single song on an album (their sixth actually) which does not happen very often these days.


Robert Jon & The Wreck (from Costa Mesa, California) mix in Southern sounds with soulful joy, gospel like backing vocals, soaring organ work, mouth watering riffs and exquisite guitar prowess. These guys put me in mind of The Allman Brothers Band at their absolute finest with some vibes of The Black Crowes & Bad Touch at times, giving them a fresh up-to-date feel while keeping that influence of the past well intact too.


Highlights from the quintet include the opening anthemic 'Oh Miss. Carolina'; the Commitments like 'Work It Out'; the gorgeous 'Tired Of Drinking Alone'; the gutsy slid-guitar brilliance of 'Don't Let Me Go'; the relaxing and great ballad 'One Last Time' where Robert's voice keeps reminding me of Phil Collins.


Then there's the sadness of 'Gold' or the amazing title track itself that comes in two parts 'Last Light On The Highway' – unbelievably brilliant with its varied instruments and musicianship!


These boys are onto big things indeed!



By Glenn Milligan

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