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Ron Coolen – Rise

(RC Music Records – 2020)

Ron Coolen - Rise USE.jpg

A multi-instrumentalist from Rosmalen which is in the southern area of the Netherlands has combined a twelve strong musical army for this album.


Killer production all round with a variety of vocalists like Keith St. John (Burning Rain/Montrose) who fronts half of the albums material as well as taking care of all the lyrics too for them. The opener, 'Big Devil Data' really sets the standard which is all about those above knowing all about you which is rather fitting right now with the A.I. Theories looming around.


Then there are the numbers that relate to Las Vegas 'Too Late To Surrender' (with it's Donald Trump intro) about the shootings in 2018 or 'Sin City' – the name given to it overall with the inclusion of the legendary George Lynch soloing away too! Elsewhere there's a blast from the past in former Yngwie J. Malmsteen frontman, Goran Edman on the ending ballad entitled 'Selfishness' that prove the dude still has those amazing vocal chops!


I wasn't expecting cookie monster vocals on here that come courtesy of Chris Clancy of Mutiny Within like 'Open Your Mouth' for instance which give a complete contrast to what has been previously heard. Love the instrumental title track 'Rise' that is almost like Heavy Metal Circus / Fayreground music believe it or not – Ron will beat me for saying that now – hahaha!


A pretty varied album especially on the singing level.



By Glenn Milligan

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