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Silent Revenants – Walk With Fire

(S/R – 2017)

Silent Revenants - Walk With FireUSE.jpg

Grandoise German female fronted symphonic metal band from Geschrer who have seven members and include folky instruments like highland pipes, whistles and fiddles (I mean violins) for good measures.


They come across like a mix of Epic and Nightwish with Tarja meets Toyah vocals on a mission to appear also to folks who live deep in the forest. There are various dimensions to the songs and you simply don't know what is going to happen next – be in violin sounds, an operatic voice or pacing guitar work. It really does keep you on your toes and takes you on a medieval kinda journey thats gets classical and celtic on various points of the album.


Milestones on the spin include 'Winds Of Awe'; 'The Traveller'; 'Echoes Of Time (Rise Of The Revenant Part 1)'; 'The Merry-Go-Round (Rise Of The Revenant Part 2) that is duet and the dancey ditty 'Midsummer Nights' that you can imagine Vikings supper their beer to with elves bouncing around them too.



By Glenn Milligan

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