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The Dead Daisies – O2 Academy, Sheffield, Wednesday, November 14th, 2018


Set List: Midnight Moses/Evil/Make Some Noise/Resurrected/Rise Up/Dead And Gone/What Goes Around/Last Time I Saw The Sun/Join Together/Acoustic: With You And I/Set Me Free/Maggie Mae/Let It Be/Back To Electric: Burn It Down/You Shook Me All Night Long/I Love Rock 'N' Roll/School's Out/Long Live Rock 'N' Roll/It's Only Rock 'N' Roll (But I Like It)/Leave Me Alone/Bitch/Song And A Prayer/Long Way To Go/Mainline/Highway Star.


Encore: Mexico/Helter Skelter.


Their second visit to Sheffield and now in the larger venue at O2 Academy that's pretty packed – they've not been in these parts for a good two years or so, therefore the folk here were rather excitable about seeing The Dead Daisies again who surprisingly started with one of their big album numbers – a cover of 'Midnight Moses' by The Sensational Alex Harvey Band.















Last time, Brian Tichy manned the kit but now we have the former Journey skinbasher, Deen Castronovo who is hailed all night with the bawls, shouts, cries and chats of 'Deeno' from virtually beginning to end. He loved it too with frontman, John Corabi joking about the fact he had to share a bus with this guy who would have hard nipples as a result of his appreciation here in Steel City.















Marco got really into the moment and even went into the crowd, playing away on his now famous LTD ESP Bass – just like he does during his solo shows – not to mention throwing in plenty of plectrums to the crowd and some stuck on folks foreheads in the front row too! New songs like 'Resurrected' and a cut-down version of new album title-track, 'Burn It Down' going down as well as older numbers – proving that people tonight had done their homework on current stuff.














Songwise, it was a mix of originals and covers – some of which appear on the albums and others that are faves of theirs that have proved to go down well live when performed with both crowd and band getting off on them, so to speak. A lot of fun as being had on stage with some joyous acoustic moments being had – most notably Deen's lead vocal rendition of Rod Stewart's 'Maggie Mae' with the man of tambourine and bongos – what a great voice!















Each member of the band was introduced whereby they gave us a bit of flash playing on a favourite song of theirs with the one with golden guitar and hair, Doug Aldrich piping up some 'Show Me The Way' by Peter Frampton on vocoder, not to mention some killer slidework too or David Lowy saluting Australia with some of AC/DC's 'You Shook Me All Night Long' with Corabi wailing out those vocals with our help too; some 'I Love Rock 'N' Roll' (Joan Jett) from Marco Mendoza although myself and Nic Rudd were hoping for some funky, improvised scat vocals – it was awesome regardless.















The Double D's totally possess tons of showmanship, keeping the crowd on electric tenterhooks in every song; having us sing a long to many of the songs – a major highlight for many was The Who's 'Join Together' or 'Make Some Noise' that guaranteed many screaming 'Turn It Up! Make It Louder' at the tops of their voices that got them early on in the set. John Corabi's voice is on fire and hits top notes continuously when required such as in 'Highway Star' – a tribute to one of their favourite British Bands – Deep Purple – cue more audience singalong! The band were impressed!















This was a 90-minute tip-top, cream of the crop show that went real quick due to how good it was. A band who took us to 'Mexico' during the encore and down to the bottom with 'Helter Skelter' and afterwards throwing more pics were thrown to the crowd. Even the drumsticks were hurled out for good measures too that were no doubt a pleasing souvenir to a fan or two who latched onto them. What a cool way to end a Rock 'N' Roll Show!















I got a feeling they will be back to grace us again when another album is ready – be nice to see them play Sheffield in the Summer when its way warmer weather.




Review By Glenn Milligan


Photographs By Robin Burns & Kevin Wells

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