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The New Roses – Nothing But Wild

(Napalm Records - 2019)


Now here's a band with serious drive and b*ll*cks and then some who are blasting from Germany of all places – the home of the Scorpions who they've even toured with funnily enough.


Jam packed solid with rock anthems and party bashers it's an album that will even put the pulse back in a dead man. It has elements of Country Rock and Cowpunk in there – think Guns N Roses meets The Georgia Satellites with elements of a bit of hair metal too and fresh faced Rock 'N' Roll plus the odd hint of AOR at times. No you cannot pigeonhole these f*ck*rs at all!


There's the Nashville Radioness of 'The Bullet'; upfront blasts like the opening energy filled 'Soundtrack Of My Life' or 'Can't Stop Rock & Roll' the fast 'n' gutsy 'As The Crow Flies'; the emotional romanticness of 'The Only Thing' or the incredibly powerful unplugged version of 'Down By The River' that is vocally from the heart and soul with just acoustic guitar.


One of the finest German bands I have heard in years.



By Glenn Milligan

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