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Aguzzi – Stronger Than All (E.P.)

(Volcano Records – 2021)

Aguzzi - Stronger Than All use.jpg

Old school Metal band from Rome, Italy with main guy, Max coming from well-known Metallers, Dragonhammer who of course he also fronts and plays guitar.


Joining Mr. Aguzzi here are Alessio Erriu (Guitar) of Novembre & OA-ex Ossimoro, Fabrizio Sclando (Bass) of Ivory Moon & Too Left 2 Be Right and Emiliano Cantiano (Drums) of Shores Of Null & Ivory Moon.


They definitely take you back a bit with the gutsy opening title track 'Stronger Than All' – love the power ballad 'Broken Light' and what about the ballsy version of 'The House Of The Rising Sun' made famous by The Animals back in the 60's that I am sure Eric Burdon will approve of. Good to see the Italians holding the reigns of real metal! Hope he releases a full solo album going on how high calibre this E.P. is!


Enjoyable stuff right here!



By Glenn Milligan

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