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Steegmoord – S/T (E.P.)

(S/R – 2021)

STEEGMOORD - Self Titled USE.jpg

An instrumental outing of six numbers that are all metal from Ertvelde, Belgium who have some superior sounds that delve into complex keyboard gymnastics, hard-edged thrash metal, blast beats and more.


There's the speedy opener 'Your Liberation' that will please the most hardcore metalhads whilst those who love a bit of folkiness to their tunes will really dig 'Ballad Of Bullets' that has a wee bit of Vikingness to it at times. 'Silent Hill' sounds like the guys got Jean Michele Jarre in on the mix before the nutted him-out with the pummeling beats and nasty deep guitar tomes.


Proof right here that three guys can get together whilst all this c**** shite is hitting the sticky long-assed fan and get something positive from it all.



By Glenn Milligan

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