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Grave With A View - Fangs & Flesh (E.P.)

(Doom and Gloom Records – 2020)

Grave with a view - Fangs Flesh EP use.j

I'll not beat around the bush in saying that albums fronted by endless incessant screaming from end to end are one of my lesser turn-ons.


Thankfully Finnish trio, Grave With a View manage to buck this testing tradition, with what has been described as death n' roll amongst several things on their web page, at least for most of these four surprisingly varied cuts. 'Golden Blood' is a punky, thrash paced track where you can tell the chorus apart from the verse - it's actually quite a good one to my surprise.


After the sludgy, directionless pander of 'Fugitives' has had me believe I might have just stumbled on a fluke, following track The Antagonist' improves again with a prog-shaped movement including multiple toe-tapping segments. 'Space Monkey ends with a slow-beat though somewhat bouncy verse line and melodic backing synth which allows you to breath a sweet air around the sides. In spite of initial scepticism surfacing, this warrants more than one repeat listen.


An interesting and more above digestible sound than I was first lead to expect, Grave With a View are certainly an act worth planting your fangs into.



By Dave Attrill

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