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Trivax/Craven Idol/Soul Descending -

Corporation, Sheffield, Saturday 10th December 2022

Back for a night of dark metal at Corp’. I was pleasantly greeted with the solo opening act: Soul Descending.

He played an interesting vibe of music that I can’t begin to describe the genre of. It’s somewhere between progressive and doom metal. He filled to stage well, burning a smoke stick before playing and setting a woodlandesque vibe before taking stage.

It was an interesting act and also one I look fondly back on.


The London Black/Thrash outfit blew the heads off the Corp’ audience with their fast riffs and blast beat drums, Craven Idol did a performance that will be remembered.

From start to finish the high energy, yet angrily calm vibe of black/thrash poured onto the crowd, never stopping with their music. The bass really stuck out, being the real driving force behind the music.

Craven Idol embody the meaning of black metal. Their scary ambiance was etched into the walls of Corp’.


The legendary Trivax took to the stage that had incense burning with smoke filling the space as they stepped into full gear. Their brutal riffs and frightening basslines shook the entire block.

Trivax break down the barriers of Metal, grinding out a full set of pounding songs. The concept of freedom is extremely important to the band. The lead singer gave a speech about “earning freedom”. Their music and passion shone through, they performed a meaningful set, and left an influence on the crowd.

There set was thoughtful, and the bands undying passion and talent was awesome to see.


Review & Photographs by Alex 'Reaper' Holmes

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