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Mouth – Vortex

(Bunoise Records – 2018)

mouth - vortex USE.jpg

Experimental German Rockers who a a real avante-guard Pink Floyd late 60's to early 70's groove about them with elements of Popol Vuh and Hawkwind in there or even early solo Peter Gabriel.


There are wild sounding wave machines, crazy keyboard sounds, high pitched vocals, booming bass and revved up beating drum beats galore and more... that were dreamed up by Chris Koller, Nick Mavridis and Gerald Kirch.


We are blown away with the 13 minute opener 'Vortex; the hammond and Genesis like 'Parade' with it's dry squawky shouty vocals or what about the Wolfmother meets Rick Wakeman like style and also a bit 'Get 'Em Out By Friday ' too of 'Into The Light' or the epic 16+ minute 'Epilogue' that comes in three separate sections with long gaps in-between.


Clever mystical stuff to be found here.



By Glenn Milligan

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