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Hillsphere – Florescence

(Layered Reality Productions – 2018)

hillsphere - florescence USE.jpg

Progressive Rock and Metal band from Amsterdam who are incredibly instrumental throughout this album but you also find some vocals scattered around too.


It's serious stuff but don't let that put you off though as this four piece consisting of Tom Beimer (Vocals/Guitar); Elias Mayer (Guitars/Keys/Vocals); Kevin Van Der Reijnst (Bass) and Koen Steendijk (Drums) as well as Robin Waij (Guitar) for live purposes well and truly grab your tabs straight away with it's atmospheric melodic keyboard arrangements with a good example being the opening albeit short title track 'Florescence'.


It has bawling and straight immensely powerful vocal moments that I associate with vocalists like Mike Patton of Faith No More/Mr. Bungle etc like in 'Home'. Then there's the enchanting 'Aquarius' with it's harp like beauty and strings that's almost Alice In Chains meets classical music or 'Ghost Of You' with it's marvellous piano outro or the epic closing instrumental which captivates you wailing and soaring solo's amidst beautiful tinkling of the ebony and ivories.


Enlightening material that I recommend.



By Glenn Milligan

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