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Computers Kill People - Silence Means Security

(Kernel Panic Records - 2016)


I'm sure they've nearly attempted that on me as well - if my mum's concern over my time spent looking at a screen in the past is anything go by.


French quartet Computers Kill People come in slowly and grindily with opening track 'From Dust To Nothing' before diving into action with the rock ‘n' rolling 'Dirt & Bad Whiskey' right behind. Testosterone-driven alternative-meets-stoner attitude appears the dominant force from hereon in as 'Blind', 'Parasite' and the triple beat bass groove of 'Love Me Two Times' trip and tramp their way around.


The Seventies slick of 'Cupid's Drunk' and Iggy-esque 'Self Made Mess' are where CKP are at their best however with a bounce that refuses to throw them from their own rhythmical trampoline. With a catchy guitar progression throughout 'I Know You're A Freak' and flat out finger-raised angst along the top by frontman Ludwig 'Loic' Wiels, 'Silence Means Security' is another sensational new European act staying anything but silent.


This sound should however secure them viable attention on their UK tour in early 2017 and hopefully beyond.




By Dave Attrill

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