Marco Mendoza / NitroVille / The Kut / Sour Tusk –

Corporation, Sheffield, Friday 8th June, 2018


Set List: Ready To Play/Pretty Ugly/Desert Punk/Roll With The Punches/Drinking Man/Johnny B. Goode/Devil Run.


Well tonight its real quiet in here and I guess you can blame the Download weekend for that. A handful of folk are in early to catch the muppeteering duo, Sour Tusk who make way more noise as a twosome than a giant heart of elephants up there on that small stage.















Jake Johnson (Guitar/Vocals) and Nic Rudd (Drums/Vocals) do their absolute utmost to get some life out of these people but it's tough going at times – they appear bewildered and confused at times by the 'Tusk but get there in the end.















They give it all they got with their stoner metal and madcap rock licks and are supremely talented musically gauging it out in their own unique wild way – Chas and Dave have nothing on these guys – hahaha.















With infectious noodlings and thrashings throughout their rabid set and shrieking vocals to top it all off with cuts like 'Roll With The Punches' 'Pretty Ugly' and a rollicking, 'Johnny B. Goode' that would no doubt bring it's creator back to life. Always fun every time I see these musical nutters!















Next up were the first London act of the night called The Kut who had more of a grungified, punk and indie sound with vocals that sounded really young made up of Princess Maha (Guitar/Vocals), Diana Bartmann (Drums) & Dany Jones on Bass (who is also Marco's UK Agent - that got a thank you later on too.)















They went down well with the folk in here tonight with their uneasy notation and made a decent enough impression on them giving off sexy and snazzy appeal – totally dressed to impress in here tonight with a nice abundance of posing with the electric axes.















I just think they would have been more musically at home on a bill with more early 90's sounding bands though of the Hole / Belly kinda era. Highlights included 'Bad Man' and 'Burn Your Bridges' that were sung along too changing the words to 'Burn Ya Britches' & 'Batman The Bad Man' – right Nic Rudd? Too much fun - lol!


Set List: Apophis 2029/Spitfire/Pit Lane Fire/Tell It Like It Is/Louisiana Bone/Engine Ain't No Stopping/Take A Stand.


And here are NitroVille, the second band from the capitol city, who I last witnessed cranking their marvellous melodies up at a venue in a town not too far away from here. On this tour they are also the direct support to the double M (more about the bass frontman soon). They have a full on motoring rock and metal classic kinda style with precision playing and a powerful frontess in long blonde haired Tola Lamont.















The rest of the band made up of Kurt Michael Boeck (Lead Guitar); Grizzly Rose Lee (Rhythm Guitar); Paolo Succo on Bass with Drums from Moyano El Buffalo. They had a shorter set to when I saw them last due to an extra band being on the bill but it didn't stop NitroVille giving it all they had and getting a few folk up front to take a healthy vocal, musical and visual interest in their songs tonight.















It was just a pity we could hardly see them due to a major lack of front lighting. Highlights included the opening rocker 'Apophis 2029'; deep south filled 'Lousiana Bone' and the closing fast and furious number 'Take A Stand'.


Set List: Look Out For The Boys/Hole In My Pocket/Hey Baby/Letting Go/God Bless The Child/Still In Me/Your Touch/Viva La Rock/Higher Ground/Chinatown/Jailbreak/Sweetest Emotion.


Well I gotta say it's become a real joy to witness Marco Mendoza and the boys with this show being no exception and tonight they hit Corporation, Sheffield – just a pity so many went to Download Festival instead and missed a marvellous performance from the Bassist of The Dead Daisies (who sings great too) alongside Kyle Hughes (Drums) & Michael McCrystal (Guitar).















He invited folk to get closer to enjoy the show and become part of it hooking them with a brilliant array of rock, funk, blues and latino flavoured sounds throughout the live spectacle that was sheer professionalism from each member. Loved the humour thrown in with Marco saying his hair was a wig, with Sour Tusk's Nic Rudd asking if Jake could borrow it!















A magical light and aura seems to get switched on when his presence fills a room that is further enhanced with powerful songs from his new album 'Viva La Rock' like the brilliant title track itself; a supreme rendition of Thin Lizzy's 'Chinatown' and Ted Nugent's 'Hey Baby' and the exceptional 'Sweetest Emotions'.















Other notable moments include 'Jailbreak' courtesy of Kyle; the acapella audience participation of 'Give Peace A Chance'; the crucial finger-clicking section and the joyful chant, not to mention Marco coming down into the crowd to say 'Hi' while he was playing away – he makes it look easy.















Some nice soloing too by everyone and some happy, positive vibes – encouraging people to be louder – he really had his work cut out at times but won folk over. It was really nice to see Marco thank Whitney Ribbins for all her amazing Tour Manager and Merch work too – a surefine individual in the music industry.















After the final note was hit they were out meeting everyone, having photos and signing autographs. It would be nice to see them back again but with more people filling the room... hope it happens....



 By Glenn Milligan