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Broken Down - Drop Dead Entertainer

(Altsphere Production - 2019)

Broken Down - Drop Dead EntertainerUSE.j

When a bands promo suggests you listen and call it the way you want, you know you might be in for quite a long ride. And not necessarily because French one-man outfit, Broken Down's third album is eighteen tracks in span.


Nail-sharp beats and brutish industrial guitars bounce back and forth dangerously between clean vocals and extreme metal elements with a frightful Fear Factory on trips vibe. Placing elements of synth, dance, thrash, alternative and punk into every tune with everything else that is thrown in, there is an temptation to accuse this guy of over cooking but breaking down, he has done it with an appreciation of his craft.


Touching on a tinkle of blues, in the three-step chord stutter on 'Nightly Trance', this machine is fitted with teeth in quite a multitude of sizes. Octanial in most places, ambient in others, Drop Dead does certainly Entertain.


Industrial music with sustained momentum... its been a long time.



By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Strapping Young Lad, Ministry & Front line Assembly.

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