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Mötley Crüe – The End – Live In Los Angeles

(Eagle Vision / Universal Music Group)















Well I think this is a good one to look back on after the built-up thoughts about no more Mötley Crüe have been and gone so to speak – since now it's accepted that we aren't likely to see this band or band like them exist ever again in such debauched bombastic 80's splender. What's the term? They lived it so we didn't have to... but many have died or come close to it... leave it to the pro's!


Anyway, before I get carried away in nostalgia or in a straight-jacket – whichever comes first... how is the DVD and show overall... well, the sound quality of it is unbelievable good with those responsible managing to capture the ambience and overall vibe that hits your ears perfectly when you are in the shed/area environment itself.


Then there are all the multiple camera angles on a regular basis throughout the show also so it don't get visually stagnant – adding the energetic, fast moving performance that sometimes can be lost in a live concert DVD when viewed on a TV screen.


Vince Neil seems to take while before his voice fully warms up and becomes on form when hitting those notes, although the two hot as hell female backing singers take care of that, boosting up the larynx section no end – known as 'The Nasty Habits' – who look so angelic in their get-up – butter wouldn't melt right? The only sad thing about it, is that the main man really needs to lose a few pounds as it would do him no end of good.


Tommy, Mick and Nikki are bang on form as you can probably imagine and are as tight as possibly musically on that giant stage. The crowd go utterly mental with and for every member – especially as its their last chance to witness every single song by the legendary four piece. Older and newer classics all form part of this tasty set list which kicks into action immediately with 'Girls, Girls, Girls' that normally finishes a Mötley show with other standouts being 'Smokin' In The Boys Room' which is preceded a classic by an artist that is frowned upon these days... but let's not get into that right?


Elsewhere you'll come across the greatness of 'Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away); newer tracks 'Mutherf***** Of The Year'; 'Saints Of Los Angeles', 'Looks That Kill'; 'Kickstart My Heart' and way more that's on offer on the 90 minute show. I have never seen a show with so much pyro in it shooting at the back of the stage and even a flame thrower from Mr. Sixx's Bass! Holy Hell – this makes the likes of Kiss look almost towards amateur hour!


Then there's Tommy Lee on the roller-coaster for his drums that sees him upside down that actually... oh I can't say what happens on its last outing as but it kinda fits the occasion. Then what about Mick's mad as hell soloing section – you think he is gonna make his axe explode with all the frequencies he gets out of.


Heart-warming words come from them, especially Nikki who talks about the knife and what it means to him. It all comes to a head on the closing 'Home Sweet Home' though which is real emotional for the band and fans alike – many tears shed and it looks like Vince was really holding back a lot here and genuinely touched by it all – thanking everyone for the career and the love of the band etc. etc. Cranking out this ballad in their home-town with Tommy on piano is as fitting as it possibly gets as that's where they started in the first place – so that's where they ended it....... top that!


The bonus interview section is quite grand too where each member is filmed separately – it kills the myths and tells it like it is about touring life, how the drum rig and flamethrower bass came to be, times over the yeas with the crew, choosing the set list, being a member of the band and much more more – these sections make the DVD worth having alone – trust me – though quite fittingly I ain't Dr. Feelgood or a Dr of any description..... Let's hear it for 'Mötley Crüe 1981 - 2015'

Worth all your hard earned pennies that the price-tag demands! 




By Glenn Milligan

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