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Ruby Dee And The Snakehandlers – Little Black Heart

(Catty Town Records – 2016)

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Good ole Rockabilly from some of Seattle's finest – Ruby Dee and her Snakehandlers where 13 is a lucky number in this case – especially since she is a traumatic brain injury survivor.


It's like a female Rev. Horton & Stray Cat throughout the album or maybe Carl Perkins & Eddie Cochran as it's authentically done with the correct vocal and musical echoe heren. You'll find humour in the Prom Queen getting 'All Knocked Up' and the country-like 'I See Green'.


Then there's the beauty that is 'Camille' with some nice piano and deep guitar notes; 'Pretty Little Kitty' that reminds me of Presley's 'Fever' in the verse and Cochran's 'Twenty Flight Rock' in the chorus and ending that feature a dog bark too!


Well worth checking out this older style that's older than our usual mention of the term old school!




By Glenn Milligan

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