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D2UR – Tic Toc

(S/R – 2017)

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The cooking rockers from Winnipeg, Canada (pronounced Detour btw) who are fronted by Diane Isbister and features hubby, Mike Isbister on Guitar. Hey, they've even recruited Brent Fitz of Alice Cooper fame on drums!


Marvellous songs are to be found within including the Stonesy like opener 'Silver And Gold'; the wailing guitar of 'Run Devil Run' and the moderately groovy 'St. Augustine'.


Then there's the delectable ballad 'Piece of You' with its answering back axe-work at times; the stick in your head a a a a filled ' Who Sent You Here'? or the mysterious title track closer that is 'Tic Toc'.


A band I would to see play over here in the UK. Good stuff indeed.




By Glenn Milligan

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