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D2UR – Rev It Up

(S/R – 2013)


A brilliant duo made up of Diane and Mike Isbister who come across like Steve Nicks & Chrissie Hynde gone Nashville with a Sheryl Crow feeling at times. They actually come from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in fact.


It’s a secret bakers dozen here since there are 13 cuts but the last one isn't listed – in fact we don’t even know what it’s called. Anyway, some good numbers on offer such as ‘Good Together’ about being a great couple; ‘Not A Good Day’; the moderate paced ‘Little Chance’ or The Faces like ‘I Want You Bad’ with its Ronnie Wood’esque guitar sound.


Then there’s the Rolling Stones meets Status Quo’ness of ‘Thinkin’ Bout You’ or the bluesy countriness of ‘What’s Wrong Today’ or that mystery instrumental number at the end with some all-round funk and blues in it.


Check ‘em out!




By Glenn Milligan

D2UR, Rev It Up, Self Released, 2013, Diane Isbister, Mike Isbister, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Album
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