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Obscurae - To Walk His Path of Sorrows

(American Decline/Sentient Ruin Records – 2021)

Obscurae - To Walk The Path Of Sorrows u

American one piece black metal machine, Obscurae take the archaic step of releasing their debut album on of all things, cassette. Which is frankly about the only thing of much excitement about this six tracker, unless you're into an ear-splitting racket of black metal for about half an hour.


In an attempt to avoid been totally misconstrued, technically they are as proficient as many as the better examples of the genre but the entire album seems to be one aimless 200mph mile layer of noise and screeches that sadly does not spice up my palate.


The product comes topped by some pleasant synthesizer work, that waves up and down delightfully on at least one or two tracks, but unfortunately little else exist to make other than the more easily pleased scene fans to press play on more than once.


This album's material shall prove undoubtedly scary live but on album, it risks fading into Obscurae-ty rather soon.



By Dave Attrill

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