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Collateral – S/T

(Roulette Media Records / Cargo – 2019)

Collateral - Debut USE.jpg

The long-awaited debut album from the Kent based band who have really put in the work already on the small to massive stages alot over the UK and no doubt beyond.


Dare I say every track is a winner without being shot down in these dark 'n' desperate times we live in – in fact it's like going back to the mid 80's when all rock music was pure quality when the likes of Bon Jovi, Guns N Roses and Europe were in their absolute heyday. Collateral really are that good, I kid you not! They featured Angelo Tristan (Guitar/Vocals); Todd Winger (Guitar); Jack Bentley Smith (Bass) and Ben Atkinson (Drums) who have it nailed in every possible way!


I witnessed them live last year at HRH Crows and was totally blown away by them. They have done just that on here with the studio versions of the Countrified 'Midnight Queen' that got a friend through a bad relatationship; the balls-out rock of 'Mr. Bigshot' – the piss-take of what folk call you if you are in a band or the radio-friendly ballad 'Get Back To You' about missing the younger members of the family that will see those ciggy lighters in the air for sure!


Then what about the gutsy, exquisite 'Merry Go Round' with its addictive sing-along chorus that'll soon liven up your day or Jovi-esque suave awkward timing at times 'In It For Love'. A lot on the album to get excited about here, just as they've done in at one of their concerts. A future classic band for definite that show that Rock will never die!


An absolute must to spin and spin again!



By Glenn Milligan

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