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Power Theory - Force Of Will

(Pure Steel Records - 2019)

Power Theory - Force Of Will USE.jpg

Power Theory have been on 'my must see' list for a while. With a past plethora of live shows and music to review, I was hoping they would become part of an upcoming tour. This way I could have the opportunity to see them in their element and review them. Instead they released something so epic I had to take the opportunity to chat about it. So now, I not only have a new favorite band, but they are also on my list of new music rock connoisseurs need to be aware of.

The Philadelphia based power metal quintet released their latest contribution to the metal world on December 6, 2019. 'Force of Will' is a well-produced, brilliantly written addition to the world of metal. The band’s newest release has something to satisfy the preferences of most hardcore metal fans. From the opening track, 'Mirror Invictus' to the final track, 'The Hill I Die On' the weaving melodic guitars and robust vocals give each song enough diversity to keep this album fresh.

This latest offering is darker and leans toward the precision of German power metal while maintaining the more melodic heavy crunch prevalent in the American equivalent. Force of will perfectly marries these two styles. Jim Rutherford’s raw, formidable vocals, the duo guitar genius of Bob Ballinger and Carlos Alvarez, along with the impressive, forceful rhythm section handled by Alan D’Angelo and Johnny Sasso; these gentlemen delivered a hard edged, impressive, commanding project.

The Helloweenesqe opening instrumental 'Mirror Invictus', is quickly followed by the title track. These introductions immediately captivate the listener and create a craving to delve farther into this stroke of genius.

'Draugr' showcases Rutherford’s versatile vocals. He evokes hints of Judas Priest’s, Halford and TT Quick’s, Mark Tornillo while still maintaining his individuality. 'If Forever Ends Today's hypnotic, weaving melodic guitars courtesy of Alvarez and Ballinger, also accompanied by D’Angelo’s effervescent bass tone; has potential to remain on a multiple replay option. Not to mention the haunting power ballad 'Albion'; these significant selections are a few of my preferred listening choices, although that was a difficult decision.

Pat Sielck of Iron Savoir fame, lends his vocal prowess to 'Spitting Fire' a soul grabbing, butt kicking selection which is the epitome of the depth of Power Theory and the respect they elicit from both fellow musicians and fans.

Each time I listened to Force of Will, I noticed something more, another layer of creation and the enjoyment of peeling back each stratum and hearing the tracks in a new way. Power Theory is a band you need pay attention to and 'Force of Will', you need to own.


By Dawn Belotti

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