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Aeonblack - The Time Will Come

(Nuclear Blast – 2021)

Aeonblack - The Time Will Come use.jpg

One more of those bands I keep thinking I've had an album in the past only to stand corrected. At least I get to catch up alongside these German melodic metallers as their second full length album sets off from the start line.


For a band that originally began life known as 'The Groggy Elks' they have an interesting and ear-pleasing sound if a familiar one at that. Driving together the elements of most of their fellow Deutchsland contemporaries, they bend those hands of time further back further yet with frontman Holger's stupendously Dio-esque projection. 'Speckter in Black', a track that could have come off Ronnie's Sabs classic 'Heaven and Hell' opens and from here its old world eighties metal bliss, all eleven tracks long.


From the Gotthard like 'Time Will Come', through the Priest like 'Nightwalker' with one sinisterly Slayer-esque intro, to the triple beat crescendo of 'When The Darkness Falls' with a sharp flavour of WASP's 'I Wanna Be Somebody', you can't find much to complain about if any. Huge fast twin guitars, sharp-yet-succint solos and a moment of subtlety in 'No Man's' land which itself tilts towards Maiden classic 'Remember Tomorrow' only seal with an even finer gel, lovingly finishing the touches to this surprise musical treat.


Having been unable to put an ear to their preceding catalogue until now, Aeon Black have undeniably achieved my favour, as well as that of many a metal hungry headbanger the world over. Obtain yourself a copy as soon as you can - very hopefully (Covid permitting) these guys will be coming to some stages our way, somewhat soon.



By Dave Attrill

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