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Fusion Bomb – Pravda

(S/R - 2016)


As much as you're probably sick of heating a lot of thrash outfits being likened to Slayer at some point during a review, what to do when a band's singer is almost an almost perfect match to Tom Araya should beckon a pardon.


Luxembourg foursome, Fusion Bomb bang, speed and batter skulls with the same hammer swing brutality of their iconic LA contemporaries. Creating a flow of the vibe through the European metal scene once again, this six track mini album is a menacing sample of speed metal that umpteen trends have tried to stop but failed over twenty five years bygone.


Big prog parts with a superbly fine balance between speed and stomp rhythms and repeatable choruses are completely there from start to end with a fantastically tasty first-album-Exodus -style production, to which which frontman/guitarist Miguel's voice does shameless justice.


'Powersource', 'Pravda' and 'Masses Breakfast' might not stand too much chance of selling out 02 Arenas across the land but that this genre still sells is down to the shred-laden twin guitar work and grit-distributing drumming that young groups such as Fusion Bomb believe in keeping alive.



By Dave Attrill

VERY RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Testament, Forbidden & Metallica.

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