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Bossk/Outlander/Haus Horo –

The Local Authority, Sheffield, Friday 9th September 2022

Once again, I was back at The Local Authority. Up first: Haus Horo. A band that aren’t defined by one genre or bound by a single tie. They definitely have a Goth/Doomy vibe. Their dark sounds echoed around the room and hit the audience.

Haus Horo 7.jpg
Haus Horo 6.jpg
Haus Horo 3.jpg

The music was an eclectic mix of genres, and the sound was impeccable. The band were all really into the music and the songs were crafted in such a way you could tell they all had a stakehold plus their souls in it too.

Haus Horo 2.jpg
Haus Horo 5.jpg

'Issa' was an excellent track. The crowd loved it and they left the stage victorious. I would love to see them play again, so I am happy they are from the Steel City.

Haus Horo 8.jpg
Haus Horo 1.jpg

Now this is the second time I have seen Outlander this year and I was not disappointed. They came out and blew the speakers with their hard and heavy riffs that sent a wave of energy straight at the crowd.

Outlander 2.jpg
Outlander 7.jpg

Outlander are a self-described “Slow Rock” outfit from London. Their attitude and relationship with the audience is astounding. They didn't disappoint. A band not tied to anything and their musical style could be described as fluid.

Outlander 8.jpg
Outlander 6.jpg

Outlander are an extreme, memorable outfit without the need for over the top theatrics since they are pure talent and musical genius.

Outlander 9.jpg

Bossk, hailing from Kent, hit the road for a September tour. Sheffield was their fourth date and they absolutely smashed it.

Bossk 4.jpg
Bossk 5.jpg
Bossk 7.jpg

From start to finish they rolled out banger after banger, shaking the audience to their core. This was my third time seeing Bossk and every time I am left wanting more. An excellent stage presence and always a good show.

Bossk 3.jpg

The talent that goes into this band frightens me. Its hard for a band to make a perfect album but Bossk did it. They played a mental set. The guitar playing is like the shredding of hell itself and the drumming is extreme but somehow tamed.

Bossk 1.jpg
Bossk 2.jpg
Bossk 6.jpg

The bass has a lot of significance which is something I love and the vocals were out of this world. Overall, Bossk are an amazing live act and the whole crowd left smiling with a Bossk T-Shirt from the merch stand

Bossk 8.jpg

A good night with three awesome bands. Corp's sister venue does it again!


By Alex 'Reaper' Holmes

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