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Dangerous Curves – S/T

(S/R – 2017)

CD, Album Review, CD Review, Album, 80's Hard Rock, Maryland, USA, Led Zeppelin, Southern Rock, AC/DC, Zakk Wylde, Brian Johnson, High Vocals, Hard Rock

Well this is ballsqueezing wailing high-vocal sounding good in the old school hard rock and metal ways of the 80's from a band all the way from Maryland, USA.


Opener 'Go Love Yourself' that reminds me of Brian Johnson era AC/DC; the gorgeous and gentle instrumental '2 Miles Under'; the Southern Rock of 'Sashay' that has a Led Zeppelin feel to it as well plus some classic Zakk urrping thrown in there too or the closing blues instrumental that is 'Long Bay'.


Vocals are a bit straining on the ears at times but overall some good songs to be found within.




By Glenn Milligan

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