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DIMH PROJECT - Victim & Maker

(S/R - 2016)


When it comes to putting people or bands in boxes, sadly anything with 'project' on the end of the title ends up forced towards the slot reading Progressive or Experimental. Italian singer/songwriter/bassman Maurizio Amato surprises those of you well and truly with a well atoned clutch of AOR-oriented compositions, soaked up in a rich seventies/eighties flavour.


Opener 'A Poor Genuine Master' might too easily give away that English is far from his first language with its frequent lyrical overlaps from one line into the next but when you just sit back, listen and savour it soon matters less. Getting on through the album, the instant cuts come like buses, with 'Love Syringe', 'My Soul' and the straight-cut hard rocker of a title track sending out the huge choruses in all directions.


Seventies-laden ballads 'The Brightest Star' and 'The Roundabout' see Amato's diverse influences put on display while across the album, lead guitarist Davide Montorsi's soloing decorates the number serenely. Keyboardsman Enrico Varisco, currently with Whitesnake needlessly demonstrates exactly how he landed said coveted spot with an old fashioned class display that could have some out there thinking he got his two jobs confused.


Definitely one to hear from again, DIMH project push their country's currently immeasurable produce screaming into 2017.




By Dave Attrill


RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Asia, Europe, Rainbow, Magnum, Journey & Boston.

Dimh Project - Victim & Maker
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