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Gorilla Riot – Peach

(Off Yer Rocka Recordings / Cargo Records – 2019)

Gorilla Riot - Peach  USE.jpg

Let's hear it for the bluesy 'n' southern rockers who pack in plenty of dirt and gritz plus some stoner to their sound that you'd assume were from the Dixie end of the USA but in fact reign in from Manchester, UK of all places.


Frontman, Arjun Bhisman who also doubles up on guitar created the band and enlisted Liam Henry & Charly T (Both on Guitar/Backing Vocals); James 'Deggy' Degnen (Bass) and David Thomas (Drums) who was later replaced by Will Lewis for whatever reason. Mixing in all the various styles they have created their own blend that flows throughout this album making it all a massive highlight to be completely honest with you.


Picking out songs as standouts in this case is hard but if an 1863 Grunt was put to my head I'd have to say 'Mind Your Head'; 'Young Guns'; 'Beat Your Bite'; 'Riders II'; 'Still Doing Time' and 'Help The Guilty' and then list the other half of the album too because it really is so, so good. That crunching bass-work ties each ditty so well together with the trio-guitar assault adding extra fire on top with booming drums with the Billy Gibbons meets lower octave Ronnie Van Zant vocal style being the icing on the cake.


Enrich yourself with these twelve surefine anthems that have riffs and melodies that are throbbing, wailing and grinding in all the appropriate places in their arrangements. You can imagine them cranking up on the front porch or deep in a gator filled swamp with a stage in the middle of it. Well worth catching live like I did at HRH Crows last year!


The 'Riot's gonna rise again!



By Glenn Milligan

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