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Jason Wells – Nine Hours

(Sound Edge Records – 2018)

Jason Wells - Nine HoursUSE.jpg

A killer bluesman from Frankfort, Tennessee who wails up that axe with strong enough voice comes at us with an album recorded at Sound Edge Studios, TN


'Warm Up 2' gets it all off to a good start which is actually an instrumenl. Not too much after you get the gutsy 'Down By The River' which I love or the guitar talking of Jason and his Wife in 'Foolin' Around' a bit further into the album. A bit further down there's the 12-bar fun of 'East Molene' and the humourous country musuc of 'If I Was Rich And Famous' which is quite a treat to say the leaat.


By all accounts he is one of the most sought after blues and rock artists who comes with his band that houses Evan Grubbs (Bass); Jeff Lageveen (Drums) and Garry Smith (Keyboards) and shared stages with acts like Jimmie Van Zant, Jackyl and The Kentucky Headhunters so the man is in excellent musical company,


Blues it up baby!



By Glenn Milligan

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