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Torrefy - The Infinity Complex

(S/R - 2016/2019)

Torrefy - The Infinity ComplexUSE.jpg

Canada does extreme metal in case you didn't know... and extreme this lot certainly are. Extremely good, I'm not sure about.


British Columbia fivesome, Torrefy tiptoe in via an acoustic intro before tearing into a 200 mph sonic assault that is up the meter on technical handling of instruments. Shame is that a full album of vocals that sound like a couple of cats having it out for an hour on top of a raging hot barbecue, alongside it does spoil the attraction for me on record after a while, and I have heard other offerings of this same form of black metal thrash fusion a lot more accessible.


Looking at the positive site of their debut album, there is some applaudible progressive structuring on occasion but these eight tunes seem to meld into one all too soon. Some slick old dayz soloing crops up at the best of intervals notably on 'Blinding The Beholder' but otherwise this one sadly fails to blind oneself further.


Worth seeing live for certain however.



By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Emperor, Cradle of Filth, Vader & Slayer.

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