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Cats In Space – Atlantis

(Harmony Factor - 2020)

Cats In Space - Atlantis USE.jpg

Back with a new vocalist in Damien Edwards on this mind-blowing album stocked to the max with 70's pomp, incredible vocal performances, intergalactic riffs and supersonic songs of pure joy and wisdom.


It really surprised me just how good this release is although I should have released that this album was going to be a belter right from the initial blast off after witnessing the band in action live at Sheffield on a couple of occasions. 'Spaceship Superstar' is quite simply a singing and musical sensation while 'Revolution' is an uplifting power to the people song and one hell of a racing rocker to match which reminds me of Action! by The Sweet.


Love 'Sunday Best' with its ELO meets 10CC happy rhythmic bounciness; the happiness of 'Listen To The Radio' with a cracking rhythm running all the way through, not to mention that fabulous harmonised chorus or the amazingly orchestrated by Mike Moran of Queen fame ' I Fell Out Of Love With Rock 'N' Roll' which is breathtakingly beautiful or the tell-it-how-it-is 'Marionettes' that shows how the world is really run that has elements of Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Queen and Uriah Heep running through it at various points of the song.


'Queen Of The Neverland' is a stormer of a track with the Brian May like guitarwork and flamboyant feel not unlike George Harrison in the melody department and at times Mr. Edwards putting me in mind of my buddy Bryce Barnes (of Edwin Dare/Tribal Tongue & Blackfoot) vocally. Or what about the epic 'Seasons Change' with its Journey feel and little smidgen of Rush in there too or the delightful closing 'Atlantis' with it's soaring, sweet keyboards and gorgeous singing chops too that is absolutely awe inspiring.


This folks could well be the best release I have heard this year – it really does have everything you need.



By Glenn Milligan

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