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Wolfsbane/Dead Demons -

The Greystones, Sheffield, Monday 6th June 2022

Setlist: Line Em Up!/Devil May Care/Dead Demons/Overload/Hellraiser (Cover)/Dead Man Walking/Another Space in Time.

Warming up for a band as big as Wolfsbane is no mean feat, but Doncaster's Dead Demons did an opening properly. Kicking it off with ‘Line Em Up!’ really got the crowd going. Mark Hale's vocals gave me the same vibe as Jack Black since there is a perfect mix of good singing and lots of energy.

Demons 2.jpg
Demons 1.jpg
Demons 5.jpg

Their cover of ‘Hellraiser’ was loud and heavy! The crowd went insane and the band looked like they really enjoyed playing it. They closed with ‘Another Space in Time’ a newer single, which was great live. When they walked off stage, taking their energy, I felt a feeling of loss.

Demons 4.jpg
Demons 6.jpg

Overall a really good band with great musicianship.


Setlist: Steel/Load Me Down/Spit It Out/Ezy/Loco/Zombie/Money To Burn/Impossible Love/Seen How It's Done/I Like It Hot/Temple Of Rock/Smoke And Redlight/Kathy Wilson/Manhunt/Totally Nude/Paint The Town Red.

I was fortunate enough to interview the band before their show, which was an absolute pleasure. They were all really nice guys. Wolfsbane opened with ‘Steel’, and from the get-go, the crowd was absolutely loving them. The fans were heaving onto the stage, spilling like water.

Wolfsbane 2022 2.jpg
Wolfsbane 2022 11.jpg
Wolfsbane 2022 3.jpg

Blaze's on-stage presence worked its magic and suddenly the back of the crowd was going equally as mental! Their new song, ‘Spit it Out’ was extremely well received, and you could tell the band loved playing it. That 1993 classic, 'Kathy Wilson', really got the crowd pumped, so much so, a mosh pit erupted.

Wolfsbane 2022 8.jpg
Wolfsbane 2022 6.jpg

After that, ‘Manhunt’ an all time fan favourite was played with the echoing screams of 'man hunt' being heard from miles around, and again the pit exploded. They finished up with 'Paint The Town Red', and it was a cracking end to a cracking night.

Wolfsbane 2022 1.jpg

They always follow their shows up with a meet and greet, and I got my ‘Genius’ poster signed. A really good evening and I'm glad to see Wolfsbane are stronger than they were back then.


By Alex 'Reaper' Holmes

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