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Jon Lord's Windows

(ear Music – 2017)

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An experimental expedition by the late organist of Deep Purple that fuses in classical, jazz, blues, funk and rock plus even some opera in there.


You just don't know what's gonna hit you next. Recorded on June 1st, 1974 at Herkulessaal of the Munich Residenz alongside the orchestra of the Munich Chamber Choir. Before that puts off the Rock fan it's worth noting that it does feature David Coverdale & Glenn Hughes as well as Tony Ashton, Ray Fenwick and Pete York.


Plenty of strings in the first two movements a drum solo early on in the 1st movement which is rather bizarre plus one in the 2nd movement too. There's an amazing number about things not being a crime on humanity that features Glenn and David and then some wild big drum sounds etc. and so it goes on.... It ends on a cool piece of music in the 3rd movement that sounds like an outtake from what became the theme for Ski Sunday or something of that ilk.


One for the hardcore fans only to be honest.




By Glenn Milligan

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