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(S/R - 2016)


Justinsane, an Italian four -piece appear to have no fear of formula meddling when it comes to crafting their mould.


Trad metal intentions seemingly look to be the dominant ingredient on coming in at 'Mirror Of Death' only to bounce across into a breezy triple-step blues rocker 'Where Are You Going' with a galloping hookline. I start to wonder that myself once 'Dark Vision picks up straight where 'Mirror' ended with a meaty Metallica-vs-Annihilator influenced assault. All sounds appetizing indeed as 'Frozen', a slab of progressive speed metal brings the best chorus of the album even though served with a unexpectedly Alice In Chains angst.


'Free Spirit' is more unashamed old-school stuff with a slight 'Highway Star' sensation and another commercial cut overall. Large repeating lyric lines and sharp twin guitars support the no-nonsense metal of 'Never Inside Me' and 'Break The Silence', bringing to an end an all too short album I am seriously starting to enjoy with a sinister likeness to several eighties names.


Singer, Pierfrancesco Gasparini comes across as a credible hybrid of Hetfield and Devin Townsend with a variety of inspirations to show throughout. You'd be just insane to ignore this latest greatest Italian export who take metals best ingredients, and take a few liberties with it after.






By Dave Attrill

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