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Trouble – Manic Frustration

(Hammerheart Records – 2020 / Def American Recordings – 1992)

Trouble - Manic Frustration use.jpg

The original Doom merchants after Sabbath that is, who darkily crunch their way into your soul with their own branding of Heavy Metal.


It kicks off with the blasting 'Come Touch The Sky' and later has a cooking solo part in 'Fear' too whilst you get an unexpected almost Beatle like ballad in 'Rain' – hang on, a name of a fab four song too – a different one though.. - it's sung in a lower baritone octave than the other wailings and stands out against the high-ended squawks previously heard so far on the album.


Later there's the strong chorused and mysterious 'Memory's Garden' and fabulous title track with its bright 'n' flash slide-guitar licks or the closing 'Breathe' that is like Pink Floyd meets that said Liverpudlian band again and extremely likeable with a really well-used chord progression mixed with the choral voices and bawling macca meets like lead vocal over the top.


Good stuff!



By Glenn Milligan

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