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Last Giant – Memory Of The World

(Little One Ate The Big One Records – 2017)

Last Giant - Memory Of The World use.jpg

A hard rock band that flows into a prog stream too that from the cover I expected to by a Canadian band playing rootsy music – how wrong can you be – never judge a band by in this case by it's....


They come from Portand, Oregon and vocally, Ryan Heise reminds me of Perry Farrell meets Phil Collins as it's pretty way up there on the higher register whilst they are a bit mathematic at times musically and you don't know what is coming next at times making it rather unsettling – even flowing into indie sounds and the mid 80's Manchester, UK kind of groove.


Very much a melting pot of ideas all the way through without setting on a particular style – I am guessing that is the idea wih everyone bringing in their wants and influences to the songs on here. Highlights include 'The Comedians' with it's bright-uptempo groove and drum-filled crashing riffs; the strange Prog & hard rock meets almost Janes Addiction style of the fusionistic 'Inventory' and tribal meets blues rock and Soundgarden mesh of 'Blood On The Road'.


I am sitting the fence with this one somewhat.



By Glenn Milligan

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