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Haze – Back To The Bones

(Gabadon Records - 2020)

Haze - Back To The Bones use.jpg

The Sheffield Progressive Rock Kings are back with a brand new album which features Paul McMahon (Guitars/Lead vocals), Brother, Chris McMahon (Keyboards/Bass/Electric Mandola/Mandolin) plus newer recruits Danny McMahon (Drums/Brass Arrangement/Guitar/Mandolin) & Catrin Ashton (Flute/Fiddle).


Haze take us on a magical, musical journey on this album both to the past, back to the present and almost into the future too. It opens up with the heavy laded crunchy riffed 'See You On The Other Side' that sees the band reach Arthurian Wakeman like levels which is immediately likeable.


A lot of great sounding stuff on here awaits such as the unnerving minor key vocalled 'Faces On The Wall'; the folky, Genesis like 'The Snake' which really comes to life in the instrumental arrangement that features the album's title mention 'Back To The Bones'.


Later on there's the beautiful acoustic instrumental 'Suzanne' that's dedicated to the memory of the late Suzanne Hoylearts; the quirky keyboard 'n' Hammond filled 'To Us All' and fantastic 70's rock riff overall that has a warm Uriah Heep meets Rory Gallagher feel to it – it's an absolute epic I am so looking forward to hearing at a concert of theirs soon.


Or what about the light to bombastic cut called 'A Call To Arms' with it's truly heart-rendering dark and at the same time bright melodic qualities before closing on a future long prog classic 'The Summoning Dark'.


This album is most certainly timeless and does not get old on the ears no matter how many times you play it!



By Glenn Milligan

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