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Molly Karloff – Supernaturalation (E.P.)

(S/R / Cargo Records – 2019)

Molly Karloff - Supernaturalation

Before you ask, no it's not a female singer who happens to be the great, great Grandaghter of a Horror Legend but a new off the block trio that have various fresh off the fence grooves with elements of Stoner, almost New-Age Punk and driving Rock.


Standouts from this Oxfordshire based crew include the whirly fuzzed guitar sounding 'She Said' that comes across like a definite belter live; the thramming hard 'Do You Wanna?' with its slamming drums and the very addictive closer 'The Other Side'.


Looking forward to hearing a full album from these guys in 2021 or later in the year maybe?



By Glenn Milligan

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