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Dead Label - Anthology

(S/R – 2021)

Dead Label - Anthology use.jpg

Calling only your third CD 'Anthology' is an interesting step if not intended to mislead us that this Irish combo have been around the block even longer than the twelve years as stated.


Power-driving death/thrash anger of the brand only bands from across the pond or on the European mainland seemed allowed to play at one time, now seems as much the norm in the UK. These three lads (and one lady) layer it in the way you'd wish and without allowing for tedium, not that having just six tracks to go at even gives you the time.


Muscular old school crunch and cranium grinding guitar from twin stringers Danny and Mick give 'Dystopian Complex', 'False Messiah' and 'Pure Chaos' their stripes while 'Flux' swerves a sweet taste of latter-day Metallica.


Bassist/Vocalist, Dan bellows his venom forth in the loyal style although with backing screams adding a more Devin Townsend air yet without ruining the overall output. Aided by amiable solos and also sharp stickwork from drummer Claire, Dead Label are the angry beer stained breath rather than the gasp of a genre that absolutely reuses to die.


With the thrash scene on the Emerald Isle already having getting a kickstart in recent years thanks to the likes of Gama Bomb amongst others, this fearsome foursome aren't going to see the hard work come one notch loosened just yet.



By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Sepultura, Entombed, Morbid Angel, Slayer, Lamb Of God & Testament.

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