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Chantel McGregor – Shed Sessions – Volume Two

(Tis Rock Music Ltd – 2021)

Chantel MCGregor - Shed Sessions Volume Two USE.jpg

The follow-up to the previous collection but instead the songs are played using more instruments that just acoustic.


The line-up on the album consists of Chantel McGregor (All Guitars/Vocals/Production) & Jamie Brooks (Piano/Organ) with Wayne Proctor taking care of Mixing and Mastering.


Less songs (10 in this case) but this runs longer at just under an hour with two songs also being her own as well. Highlights include the opening Radiohead number 'Creep' that sounds better done by Miss. McGregor; the haunting 'Drive Home' by Steve Wilson with a mesmerizing guitar solo to behold; the incredible 'Uninvited' by Alanis Morissette; her own building instrumental 'April'.


More serious still and more British Sounding which Chantel refers to as the 'Southern Volume' since she travelled down the A1 to record this one with Jamie.


Great release... wonder if Volume 3 may appear sometime under better circumstances.



By Glenn Milligan

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