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Voodoo Six – Simulation Game

(Explorer 1 – 2020)

Voodoo Six - Simulation Game USE.jpg

A band I remember seeing a good few years ago at the City Hall, Sheffield as Lauren Harris's backing band (Steve's Daughter) as well as playing their own set too in support to Alice Cooper's UK Tour at the time.


The line-up of these London Rockers now consists of original members Tony Newton (Bass) & Matt Pearce (Guitar) alongside brand new vocalist, Nik Taylor-Stoakes (Vocals), Tommy Gentry (of Gun/Marco Mendoza fame on Guitar) and Joe Lazarus (Drums). The band seem to have a more abrasive, aggressive heavier style than that which I remember back in the day.


Highlights on here include the heavy 'n' melodic opening track called 'The Traveller'; the string starting 'Liar And A Thief'; the dark and the ferocious 'Last To Know'. Then there's the lovely balladeering 'Never Beyond Repair' which you don't expect at all to hear at all – okay, it does have a slightly heavy section at one point. The album ends on the epic 'One Of Us' with it's gutsy arrangement overall and raucaus reminding chorus.


A good album.



By Glenn Milligan

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